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I need your help, readers! My novel Bad Romance is getting very close to its FINAL DRAFT. In order to get it there, I’m hoping to get some feedback, from you, to help make sure it’s the strongest story possible.
If any of the following sounds like you, then you might be a great candidate for the “Bad Romance Beta Program”:
– You love reading fiction
– You like discussing literature
– You’re good at offering constructive criticism
Sound like you? Great! For more specifics, and to throw your hat in the ring, please keep reading!
How’s this all work now?
1. You sign up below in the comments. Just your name and email address are enough. I promise to only use your email address to communicate with you about this beta program. You will not receive promotional emails from me or anyone else as a result.
You can also indicate your interest by sending me an email or via direct message to @mmthorn on Twitter.
2. If you are picked to participate in the program, I will send you a current draft and some more specific instructions, sometime between May 5 and May 19.
3. You read my novel and provide extremely helpful and valuable feedback to me, ideally by June 30.
4. I take all the awesome feedback from everyone and incorporate it into the final draft.
5. Book gets published! If it’s at all within my control, you get thanked by name somewhere in the final printed version of the book!
What is this book about?
Bad Romance is about a lot of things. It’s a coming-of-age story, and it’s a break-up story. 30-somethings and their relationships in the early 2000’s, love, cocktails, obsession, one truly excellent sofa, and dating in Cambridge, MA. It has quite a few very naughty bits, so if you’re easily offended, consider yourself warned. For a more wordy and intellectual exposition, please refer to this page here.
How long is this novel? How long will it take me to read it?
Right now it’s a little over 110,000 words, but could hit around 120,000 by the time it’s ready to deliver to you. No idea how long that’ll take to read, but you might be able to estimate for yourself by comparing to this list of more famous novels and their word counts.
How firm is that June 30 deadline?
Pretty firm, thanks! If you need to be a little late, no big deal. I just need to set some sort of deadline to keep things moving! I’m anxious to get this out the door!
What if I start reading it but lose interest?
That’s actually pretty great, as long as you can be explicit about exactly where and why you lost interest. I’m not asking you to like Bad Romance… in fact, some people will be selected specifically because I think they’ll be unlikely to like it. Not looking for rave reviews at this point, just constructive feedback!
Exactly what kind of feedback are you looking for?
At a bare minimum, anything you want to offer would be welcome. I’ll also include a list of specific questions when I send you the story. You’ll be under no obligation to answer these specific questions, and you can pick and choose which ones you answer, if you prefer. Some people prefer to have open license to say whatever they want, while other people prefer a little structure. Whichever kind you are, I can work with that!


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  • May 1, 2014 / 6:11 pm / Kate Lindberg

    Happy to help!

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  • May 3, 2014 / 2:45 am / Anni

    How exciting!